Our designs reflect our lifestyle & the culture we have helped create. 

Roots company  //  Authentic products.

We are different because we live this..
we've been traveling, shredding, and designing our whole lives !

Italy  -  is where we build our eyewear.

We design hats, beanies, belts, sunglasses & accessories.

Our Fortress Polorization & Cision lenses are the best optics in the world.

We print,embroider and produce beanies here in the - U.S.

Our team is united in worldwide shredding.    we're Mantis United

Our brand has, snapbacks, fitted, hats, wool blend, flexfit, mesh, trucker hats, pirate, low crown, high crown, 5 panel, mantis, surf, shirts, tri blend shirts, tees, the best sunglasses, Gold Coast, Australia, sunglasses, Australia, California, Colorado shirt, Pirate flag shirt, snowboard, Black Beard shirt, logo, new, limited

Our team worldwide including our staff are involved in snowboarding, surfing, travel, taking photos, eating burritos, riding motorcycles, and drinking whisky.