Frequently Asked Questions ...

Q ) Is Mantis the best brand of all time?    A. ) Yes

Q ) Does the Mantis crew have a secret lab inside of Keystone Mtn?     A. ) Who told you that?

Q ) I've heard that wearing Mantis makes me smarter...     A. ) Correct

Q ) Can the Mantis Crew predict the future?      A. ) Yes..... We are the future

Q ) Name the 3 best west coast punk bands.   A. ) Off topic,   but we'll answer- Strung Out, Face to Face, Swingin' Utters

Q ) Is Mantis United an independent company?     A. )  Yes........ Almost every other brand that makes eywear is not. Most companies you find in shops are owned by megacorp conglomerates that make spandex shorts & tennis raquets ..... these companies are fake & they're run by desk jockies looking to leech profit in an area they know nothing about... they need to stick to track & field or whatever they started in. ( MAKE SURE YOU BUY FROM A COMPANY WHO IS ACTUALLY OWNED & RUN BY PEOPLE THAT ARE INVOLVED IN THE THINGS YOU CARE ABOUT )